Make millo even smarter
with our free app

Control your millo from your smartphone. Add extra functionality via regular updates to make your blender even smarter, month by month. Our full suite of functions are listed below.

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Control your millo from your


The world’s smartest blender deserves a smart app. Connect to your millo via Bluetooth to initiate your blend presets or customize the shortcut buttons on your millo. You can even control the blend power directly from your smartphone.

Curate your trademark smoothie patterns

Blending using manual mode will automatically create a graph of blending speeds which are saved in the app. You can view these graphs immediately after blending or at any time in the  app’s History menu, then experiment with the blend patterns to perfect your trademark smoothie.

Keep your millo healthy
and up to date

From checking your millo’s battery, through to keeping it in top condition, updating its firmware and even discovering hidden features, the millo app is an essential companion for your millo.