Multiply your millo 
with our smart accessories

Turn one millo into many with our smart range of lids and cups.

millo Smart Lid

Experience fully personalized blending with your individual millo Smart Lid.


Sharing your millo with family or co-workers? Enjoy the full personalized millo experience with your own Smart Lid. This is much more than an ordinary lid. It has blender blades housed inside the lid and connects with the millo app, remembering your personal blending patterns and preferences. 

Each Smart Lid comes with a travel cap. When you are on the go, simply place the cap on your Smart Lid after blending then clean it when you get home.

millo Travel Cup

Just blend and go with your personal millo Cup and Drinking Lid.


Sharing one blending cup is a hassle in a busy home or office. If one person wants a smoothie on the go, others cannot use the blender. Our personal cups with drinking lids are the perfect solution. Made from BPA free Tritan™ plastic, they are light yet strong, and dishwasher resistant. And using an additional cup is super simple. Blend your smoothie using a millo Smart Lid, replace the lid with a Drinking Lid, and you’re ready to go.