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Millo’s deep tech reimagining of the blender to showcase at CES Unveiled

There is a lot going on inside MILLO, the world’s smartest blender: a completely unique magnetic clutch, an engine previously used in drones, an array of sensors and settings to guarantee the perfect smoothie every time. 

But at its heart, MILLO is all about healthy living. 

MILLO is a smart, beautiful blender that features:

-      A sleek, minimalist design unlike anything else on the market – cordless, buttonless and portable.

-      A patented Magnetic Air Drive motor that gives it unique performance, convenience and safety features.

-      A Bluetooth connection and app which enable MILLO to be controlled via smartphone and personalized to match individual blending patterns.


MILLO will be showcased at Unveiled Amsterdam on 17th October and Unveiled Paris on 22nd October.

The challenge of improving habits for a healthier lifestyle

MILLO’s mission is clear and unambiguous:

to inspire global communities to adopt a healthier and more sustainable diet.

Obesity and heart disease are huge health problems in today’s society. And sadly, these diseases are man-made, the result of our habits and lifestyle. Simply telling people to change their habits is not enough. Instead, we need technology that will make choosing a healthy lifestyle more desirable and more convenient. And this is precisely what MILLO offers. 

As MILLO’s founder, Ruslanas Traškelis, explains, MILLO is about innovation with a purpose. “MILLO is not only smart, it is purposeful. It is designed to help solve some of the biggest challenges we face today in leading a healthy lifestyle. MILLO represents a break from the technological principles and design ideas that have been the basis of blenders for over 100 years.”

The deep tech inside MILLO

Improving your lifestyle starts from within. Creating a truly innovative consumer electronics product is the same. 

With MILLO, everything revolves around the patented Magnetic Air Drive motor. This motor consists of a magnetic coupling that spins the blades housed in the cup without having to actually be in contact with them. The brushless motor that drives the coupling is taken from drone technology – this is the first time these quiet motors have been used in a kitchen appliance.

The Magnetic Air Drive enables MILLO’s portability, and also means it is quieter than traditional blenders. The Magnetic Air Drive also makes MILLO incredibly safe. Because it is magnetic, the blades are housed inside the blending lid itself, making MILLO easy to clean and much safer than standard blenders. This safety is further supported by a three-level smart security system that ensures the blender can never be activated when the blades are exposed.

MILLO is also fitted with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection so it can be activated via your smartphone. More importantly, the MILLO app learns your preferences and enables healthy living patterns to be shared. The blender itself contains sensors which measure the consistency of your smoothie in real time. This enables it to adjust blending speed and ensure that your smoothies are blended perfectly every time.

Designed to inspire conscious, healthy living

Through touch, aesthetics, and functionality, well-designed technology can encourage awareness - being present and focused on what you are doing. And for sustaining healthy habits, this awareness is vital. Once healthy habits become an unpleasant chore, the chances of them being maintained drops significantly. 

Blending definitely fits into the category of “unpleasant chore.” This is a noisy, messy process done using bulky, ugly equipment.

At least, it used to be. MILLO has transformed blending into a genuine pleasure. Free from any buttons or cords, it is comprised of a sleek base of anodized aluminium and a portable cup in which the blades are housed. And MILLO has user experience factored into every detail - it is battery powered, portable, quiet, and easy to clean. As Mashable puts it, “If Apple made a blender, this would be it.” 

MILLO is putting the enjoyment and convenience back into healthy living. Smart, sleek, simple and safe, it makes healthy, conscious eating a true pleasure.