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Millo has won gold in the home appliances category of the prestigious A’ design award.

millo is delighted and honoured to have won a prestigious Golden A’ Design Award in the Home Appliances category.  The award comes just as the company is commencing its pilot production phase, with mass production following later in the year.


The A’ Design Awards and Millo: a natural fit

The A’ Design Awards are one the world’s most influential design awards, and to receive a Golden Award a company has to be rated in the top 2% of the 2087 award winners. According to the judging criteria for these awards, designs that reach the Gold Award standard do more than simply perform or interact – they empower. For millo this distinction is especially important. The company's mission has always been to push the envelope in respect to design and technology, with the express purpose of empowering people to enjoy healthier, active lifestyles.  

How millo has re-imagined the blender

Design has been key to this process. The initial challenge was to overcome existing perceptions of what a blender is, as the basic design of the blender has not changed since 1922. The company set out to completely reimagine the blender. That is why everything from the motor, to the design, to the materials has been engineered to make millo something that is both a pleasure to use and an aesthetically pleasing item that customers would be proud to display.

The inspiration for both the colour palette and the form came from an exploration of various premium products and minimalist interiors. Functionality was naturally of key importance - pain points and areas for improvement were identified by testing numerous existing blenders. The greatest design challenge was maintaining a minimalist look while incorporating the complex electronics and mechanisms inside millo’s base.

An emphasis on timeless forms

millo’s sleek minimalist design is inspired by the natural forms that characterize Scandinavian design. It combines the circle, the form of security and integrity, with the closed ring, which embodies energy, completeness and balance. This emphasis on timeless form is reflected in the materials used, which have been chosen for their sustainability: anodised aluminum and BPA-free Tritan plastic.

Millo’s next steps

The award has come at the perfect time, with millo just announcing the pilot production of its first blenders at its new assembly in Lithuania, the home of millo. With hold-ups caused by the Coronavirus pandemic delaying production, the company is now happy to be finally on track to commence mass production in the coming months. The A’ Design award is not millo’s first accolade. Far from it, it has previously won awards at SKS2019 and IFA2019, and was included in the Foodtech500 for 2020. 

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