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Millo crosses a major milestone with the commencement of pilot production.

  The first 10 finished units have just rolled off millo’s Lithuanian assembly line

-   Initial pilot production will mark the successful testing of millo’s new EU based assembly line, preparing the way for mass production

-   These initial units will be distributed to local customers for final testing and sent for professional laboratory testing and certification.


A major millo milestone

millo is proud to announce that the first 10 units of its millo blender have been produced in its new EU based Lithuanian production line. After some delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millo now has its initial run of 10 fully finished blenders. This is a major milestone in the company’s history.  These blenders, which are part of pilot production, lay the groundwork for mass production to commence in the coming months.

Moving production to the EU for greater control and efficiency

After encountering some difficulties with foreign production facilities, the decision was made to move production to Lithuania in the E.U, where the company is based. This has allowed millo to more closely control the production process and guarantee the best results.  With tooling held up by the Coronavirus outbreak in China, and the ensuing restrictions imposed by EU quarantine measures, production has been slower than expected. But the company is now closing in on the finish line, with the commencement of pilot production this week.  

Perfecting the product

This first run gives millo the opportunity to test the efficiency of its assembly line before moving into the mass production phase. And these initial 10 units will be part of the pilot production run which will be distributed to local customers, who will then test drive the functionality of the blenders to check if any further enhancements need to be made. In addition, some of these pilot production blenders will also be submitted for professional laboratory testing and certification. millo is committed to attaining the highest standards for its products, and through the successful production and rigorous testing of these units, it will be well on the way to achieving this vision.