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Milllo unveils its new take on the blender at IFA Berlin

The MILLO blender, which is powered by magnetic coupling using the patented Magnetic Air Drive technology, is portable, silent and superior in style. It has been crafted with the aim of helping people achieve more sustainable diets. 

  • MILLO is not just a smart blender, it is a Foodtech gadget specifically designed to help us integrate a better diet and nutrition to our modern, busy lifestyles 
  • MILLO is powered by the patented magnetic coupling technology Magnetic Air Drive, making it portable and silent 
  • MILLO is not only portable and easy to transport, but also stylish and beautiful, suiting every interior 


Berlin, 6th September 2019, Millo Appliances is showcasing its brand new blender, MILLO, at IFA in Berlin’s ExpoCenter City (Hall 10.1, Stand 127). MILLO is an innovative new device that makes good food choices easier to take. Its great design and unparalleled technology make healthy living convenient. At IFA, Millo Appliances is demonstrating its final prototype before making the blender commercially available in early 2020. 

“Since the invention of the first appliances, our lifestyles have seen some drastic changes,'' said Millo Appliances Founder and CEO Ruslanas Traškelis, “Sometimes, these changes demand new inventions to help us lead our lives in these new contexts, and gradual improvements to existing products are not enough. Which is why we reinvented the blender, creating a true Foodtech gadget. MILLO is not only smart, it is purposeful, and designed to help solve some of today’s most important challenges we face to lead a healthy lifestyle. MILLO represents a break with the line of thinking behind the blenders that have been designed since they were first invented a hundred years ago.” 

A Foodtech gadget to tackle today’s health challenges Today’s lifestyles have us more overworked and time-poor than ever, with our bodies and our well-being suffering as a consequence. Obesity, heart disease, and stress-related illnesses are some of the greatest threats to our health today. But we don’t need devices telling us to break our bad habits - we need technology to help us to leave them behind. 

MILLO is not just an improved blender, but a true gadget specifically designed to help us integrate a better diet and nutrition to our modern, busy lifestyles. It takes the noise, mess, and hassle out of blending, making it easier than ever to make the right choices. 

Rethinking the blender from scratch In order to empower it as a problem-solver, MILLO was created by taking a step back and completely rethinking what a blender should be in function and form. Scrapping the bulky machines of the past, MILLO is a buttonless, cordless device with a portable cup which can blend anytime, anywhere. Few moving parts and a simple design make MILLO exceptionally easy to clean, removing a source of labor and stress. 

MILLO was designed to be both beautiful and easy to use. It can be controlled by touching anywhere on the surface of its sleek, anodized aluminium base, or remotely through its intuitive app. The MILLO app allows users to track their diet and blending history through key stats and information, eliminating the need for time-consuming calorie counting. 

Portable, silent and convenient In order to help make blending more convenient, the MILLO blender has been made portable, no longer confining the blender to the kitchen. MILLO can be used cordlessly and on the go, and its timeless design fits the decor of any modern interior. A MILLO will not seem like an out of place object next to a smartphone or standing on top of designer furniture. MILLO does not need to be charged too frequently - its integrated battery is fully charged in 120 minutes, enough to power up to 10 smoothies. 

Thanks to its magnetic technology Magnetic Air Drive, which uses a brushless motor, MILLO is quieter than normal blenders. Using MILLO is no louder than a conversation, and the technology also allows to blend by simply placing the cup on top of the blender base, without needing to fix it into position. The device also features a three-level electronic security system to ensure it is not turned on unwantedly. 

Healthy eating can often seem like a chore - time, effort, and complexity drive us to the bad habits we want to avoid. With MILLO, good nutrition and convenience go hand in hand. 

Visitors to IFA will be able to see the MILLO in action at stand 127, Hall 10.1. The blender will be commercially available in early 2020, with pre-orders available through 2019.