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Model: One. 

Whole RETAIL product (packaging with products):

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 22,8 x 22 x 22,5 cm

Weight: 3,642 kg

Motor type: brushless 

Motor power: 500 W

Top speed: 12 800 RPM

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

App support: iOS & Android

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 and above; Android Marshmallow (6.0) and above.

Charger: Type-C USB connector, input 110/220V, output 20V, 3A

Battery pack: internal Lithium-Ion, 28.8V, 3000mAh, 86.4 Wh, 8S1P.

Full charging time: 2 hours 20 min.

Cup capacity: 500 ml up to Max mark

Cup material: BPA free TRITAN plastic

Working environment:

Charge: 5~45°C

Discharge: from 5~60°C

Storage: 1 year 0~23°C, 3 months 0~45°C, 1 month 0~60°C.



millo blender is designed and intended for private domestic use. It should only be used for food processing:

  • Blending fluids, e.g. dairy products, sauces, fruit juices, cold soups, mixed drinks, and shakes.
  • Mixing soft ingredients, e.g. pancake batter or mayonnaise.
  • Pureeing pre-cooked ingredients, e.g. for making baby food.

Some steps to complete at first:

  1. Make sure to read the safety instruction: For your safety. 
  2. We would recommend that you first download and install the mobile app to your device; this will give you access to the latest firmware for the blender and allow you to unlock all of your millo’s features and functions.
  3. Make sure you thoroughly clean all parts that come into contact with food before you use the appliance for the first time (see ‘Cleaning’).
  4. Ensure that the appliance is charged.
  5. Place your millo on a firm and stable base before use.

The blender can be switched on/off using the button on the bottom of the appliance.

Long press

On: holding the button for 5-7 seconds will turn on the device. Once the appliance is on, a light will run across the base top.

Off: holding the button for 3 seconds will shut down the device. Once the appliance is off, all of the lights will flash at once. This will turn off all of the device’s systems and deactivate touch control. It is not necessary to turn the blender off every time you use it as it goes to power-saving mode after the blender has been idle for 10 minutes (see ‘Power saving mode’).

A short, single press

Stop: manually stops the blending process when the appliance is in operation.

Display battery: displays battery level on the base top when the appliance is not being used for blending (see ‘Charging’).

Load the cup

Place solid items in the cup first, followed by the soft items and liquid at the end. Solid items pressure the whole substance down towards the blades during the blending process. Make sure that liquid does not exceed the Max mark and that the blender is not overloaded. Although this is not necessary for blending, you may want to cut or break ingredients into smaller pieces so that you can more accurately measure them.

Securely fasten the blending lid

When ready to blend please make sure you fasten the blending lid properly. Place the blending lid on the cup and while holding upright, twist to the left until the rails are placed in the position as illustrated above.

Set the cup on the blender base

Hold the blending cup with the blending lid fastened on the blender base at the 45° angle and gently lower it down until fully placed. Make sure the blending cup is placed in the middle of the blender base.

Enable control panel

Touch the blender base to enable the blending control panel. The control panel will appear at the exact spot where you have touched the surface, as shown in the illustration. Choose your program and start blending. Alternatively you can use the blender with the mobile application (see ‘Blending with the App’).

Remove the blending cup from the base

Once the blending has stopped, wait until the blades completely stop before removing the cup. Every blending stops after 50-60 seconds, whether you are using a pre-programmed mode or manual speed. To remove the cup after blending has finished, gently pull it up while holding the blender base in the same way you have placed it on.

Get ready for your drink

Exchange the blending lid for the drinking lid and enjoy your drink. To avoid splashing, place the cup on a firm surface and gently press the blending lid while opening it. There is a high possibility that inside the cup the pressure will build up. This is common with most tightly closed containers. We recommend to blend cold ingredients or add the ice and not overload above the Max mark.

The three buttons on the left side represent pre-programmed functions:

Smoothie mode. The blender automatically alternates between mixing and pulsing regimes to ensure that all ingredients are properly crushed. The blender will stop automatically after 50 to 60 seconds.

Pulse mode. The blender pulses ice cubes or other hard ingredients inside the cup to minimize the possibility of them sticking to the top of the cup.

Silent mode. Similar to smoothie mode, this mode combines mixing and pulsing regimes, with the difference that this function does not utilize full blender capacity. This allows the blender to be less noisy, although it may not process fine ingredients such as seeds etc. with the same level of efficiency as the normal Smoothie mode.Manual speed - indicates manual speed control. Select the desired speed swiping to the right and blend until your preferred consistency has been reached. In most cases blending at half the maximum speed is just the right speed as maximum speed is needed in order to reach silky smooth consistency and blend seeds.

There is no need to switch off the device after every blend. The blender will automatically go into power-saving mode after the blender has been idle for 10 minutes. To exit power-saving mode, simply touch the base or place the blending cup on the base.

The blender will turn off completely after it has been idle for 24 hours. To turn on the device, hold down the power button for 5-7 seconds.

❗ The blender should be turned off before being stored in a drawer or being packed for traveling.

Battery level

Check battery level in the mobile application. Blender’s battery level is always visible in the top right corner of the screen when the mobile app is connected to the blender (millo blender should be turned on).

The battery icon and percentage will be black when the blender is not charging at the moment & green when it is charging.


Please note that the indication usually stops at 98% to save your battery life.

With a new millo blender it takes three times to charge and discharge the battery in order to see its full capacity and usage.

Check battery level on your blender (without App). To know battery charge level - shortly press the power button at the bottom of the blender base when the device is not in use but is switched on. The base’s LED indicators will then show you how much power is approximately left.

Bright lights show the existing battery level, while all the lights together show the total battery capacity. There are 17 LED lights for 100% battery charge, meaning 1 light is for approx 6% of charge.

Example. This is 11 bright lights visible, meaning the battery is charged about 66%.

While plugged in the outlet LED light will blink indicating the blender is charging. To disable the pulsing light - turn off the blender completely by pressing and holding the On/Off button for 3 seconds. The blender will still be charging, but no light will pulse.

If the blender wasn’t discharged fully, bright lights will indicate the status and two lights will blink from both sides until it switches back to one light blinking. If at any time you would like to check how much the blender has charged, shortly press the power button at the bottom of the blender.

Low Battery

When the battery is running low, the blender’s manual controls will stop working. Only one bright light will be displayed when you touch the controls while the app will clearly indicate the battery is low.

Millo can be used for blending while plugged in but it needs to be charged enough to start the blending cycle. In such a case you have to charge the blender till a minimum of 3 bright lights is visible (±20% battery charge). It should take approximately 15-20 min to charge with a millo charger included.

Full Charge

Approximately 2 hours are needed to charge the battery fully with the USB Type-C charger attached to the package (65W power). A fully charged battery lasts approx 10-15 smoothies, depending on your smoothie recipe. For e.g. blending ice and other hard ingredients can discharge the battery faster.

❗Misuse of the battery may cause it to become hot, rupture, or ignite, and can cause serious injury. Be sure to follow the safety rules listed below:

- Do not place the blender base and the battery on fire or direct contact with heat.

- Do not pierce the blender base and the battery with sharp objects, strike the battery with a hammer, step on the battery, or otherwise subject it to any form of strong impact or shock.

- Do not expose the blender base and the battery to water or any liquids, or allow the battery to get wet in any way.

Blending cup

After using, simply rinse the cup with lukewarm water and a couple of drops of liquid dishwashing detergent, or alternately you can use your millo blender:

  1. Fill the cup half full with lukewarm water and add a couple of drops of liquid dishwashing detergent to the cup.
  2. Put the blending lid on the cup, and place the cup on the blender base.
  3. Turn on the pre-programmed Pulse mode by pressing the middle button (See ‘Blending modes’ section) or start via the mobile application.
  4. Turn off the device, rinse with warm water and drain the cup.

Blending cup, drinking lid, and lid cover

  1. Separate each item from other parts.
  2. Wash in warm soapy water. Rinse clean under running water, and dry.
  3. All these three can be also washed in the dishwasher.

Blending lid

  1. Detach the blending lid from the cup.
  2. Wash under the running water. Make sure you take out silicone white sealing and wash under it.
  3. Leave to dry itself or carefully clean with a soft and dry cloth. DO NOT place the blending lid into the dishwasher.

Blender base

  1. Unplug the power cord, if it is plugged into the outlet.
  2. Clean the outside surface with a damp soft cloth or sponge which has been rinsed in a mild solution of liquid detergent and lukewarm water. DO NOT place the blender base under running water, in the water or place it into the dishwasher.
  3. Polish with a soft and dry cloth.

When storing, bear in mind that the blender base and blending lid include magnetic parts. It is recommended when storing the blender on a kitchen countertop, to have the blending lid placed on the cup and with the cup attached to the blender base, in order to prevent the blender from attracting any external metal objects. When storing it in the kitchen drawer or cabinet it is recommended to cover the blending lid with lid cover and store separately from the base, making sure the base is switched off and set aside from any external metal objects.

❗Do not store the blender base or blending lid close to any metal item.


This feature ensures that the appliance is only used if the blender cup and lid are attached to the blender base properly. If the blender cup and lid are correctly fastened, the built-in safety lock will turn off. When the blender cup and lid are not fastened properly, the “Tighten the lid” error will appear (see ‘’).

When the blender is being used excessively, the blending lid will heat up due to the friction caused by spinning metal parts. When the “Blending lid too hot” error appears, the blender will not be able to initiate a new blend. It takes up to 10 minutes for the blending lid to cool down. The blending lid could also be substituted with a replacement lid and the blending continued as normal. Please note that keeping the lid in cold water will not speed up the process.

When the blender is being used excessively, the batteries in the millo base will heat up. This is common with any battery-powered product. Once the temperature reaches 55℃ the “Base too hot” error appears and the blender is not able to initiate a new blend. It takes around 20 minutes for the base to cool down to room temperature and be operational again. This will happen automatically, and you are not required to do anything extra. Please note that once the “Base too hot” error appears all of the charging functions will be turned off to preserve your battery's health. If the charging cord is plugged in, the blender will start charging only when its temperature cools down to 40℃ (see ‘’).

❗The failure to follow any of the important safeguards and the important instructions for safe use is a misuse of your millo blender that can void your warranty and create the risk of serious injury.


To unlock the full potential of your millo, download the mobile application. From this app, you will be able to set up, configure and control your millo blender. It will also allow you to monitor and record your blending patterns. Over the air updates are being released constantly and having them installed ensures that all new features are available in your millo. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Synchronize the app to your millo by connecting your device to millo via a Bluetooth connection.

Ensure that Bluetooth and location services are turned on on your phone and open the millo mobile application.

Turn on your blender by pressing the power button on the bottom (see 'Switching on/off').

Click the “Connect your millo” button.

Carefully read the Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy, agree that you will comply with them, and press the “Continue” button.

The app will search for a nearby millo blender (if you’re using Android you might need to grant the app permission to access your location).

After the app has identified your millo, press the “Learn how MILLO works” button if using millo for the first time otherwise ‘Skip Introduction’ and go straight to blending.


Please see a short series of videos inside the App which takes you through the quick user manual. Swipe left to see each video and press Done in the upper right corner once finished.

With the app, you will be able to control your millo blender from the home screen. You will find that the app contains functions similar to those on the blender base.

Control speed manually with Manual mode, or initiate one of the pre-programmed Smoothie, Pulse, and Silent blending modes.

As soon as you start the blending, the mobile app will display a graph indicating the blender’s power and blending speed. The app will also count blending time.

Once blending has stopped, or you have stopped it manually by sliding the control button to the left, you will receive a blending report.

Using the Sidebar menu navigate to the Settings screen. Settings screen in your mobile application allows you to:

- access version of your mobile application and blender software.

- access your blender’s Serial Number that may be needed when contacting the millo support team.

- update your blender’s firmware once there is a new release.

iOS users are also able to unpair their devices from the millo blender (Android users need to unpair millo Blender while using phone Bluetooth settings).

Whenever a new firmware update is available for your blender, a red dot will appear on your sidebar menu. Using the sidebar menu you can navigate to the settings screen.

Here you will find notifications about new firmware and a short description of all updates available. The update may include new functionalities, bug fixes, or adjustments that will make your millo even smarter.

Updating your firmware

- Before installing new firmware, make sure that the battery level is higher than 50% or that the charger is plugged in.

- Click on “Update firmware”. The indicators on the screen will clearly display the update’s progress

- DO NOT interrupt the process on the App

- DO NOT use the blender while the firmware is being updated

- Keep your phone next to the blender until the update is complete

After the process has been completed, your blender will restart (all of the control panel lights will flash) and you will see a confirmation message.

❗In case the update included certain Bluetooth settings it might not work for a moment right after the update is complete. Please wait for a couple of minutes.

In case a millo blender previously connected to the phone is out of range or the connection has been lost the app will indicate it. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect it back.

If the phone still cannot connect back to the blender or you would actually like to connect to another blender than the initial one, restart the app in order to pair devices from the very beginning.

In case you are using iOS, once you restart the app it will be in DEMO mode therefore you need to unpair the device. Go to the Sidebar menu -> Settings and press “Forget your millo” (see ‘Settings’) before starting the pairing process.

Use the support screen if you encounter any problems with your blender’s performance or the mobile application.
Whenever you submit a support ticket through the mobile application you also automatically send your blender information to the millo team unless your millo isn’t connected. This improves our response time and helps us to identify problems faster.

In case you aren’t able to submit a support ticket via app please drop us a message at

Use the feedback screen if you have any suggestions for future improvements or if there is anything else you would like to share with us. You can choose the most suitable Feedback type and write your feedback in the dedicated field.

iOS users can try out the millo smart blender App without needing to connect to a millo blender. To do this, download the mobile application from the Apple store and open it. If you already own the millo but still would like to turn on the demo mode, go to the Sidebar -> Settings -> Forget current millo. Turn off and back on the app, agree with all the terms and wait until the mobile application will search for a millo blender nearby. If it fails to locate millo in 10 seconds, the following screen will appear:

Click the “I have no millo blender” button and you will be able to explore the app in demo mode.

If the sentence “Looking for your millo...” is displayed at the bottom of your screen (see the picture below) your app is in demo mode.

❗ You will not be able to turn on manual control or other blending patterns while you are using the mobile application in demo mode. In the ‘settings’ screen, the firmware version and serial number will not be identified.


The blades-free spin detection feature lowers the blender speed to around 15% of full capacity when its sensor detects that the blades are spinning with no resistance. This usually happens when: 

- Blending larger chunks of food as they tend to get stuck on the upper part of the cup.

- Blending sticky food items (like making peanut butter) or ice cubes as an air bubble usually appears.

- Blending empty which is not recommended.

After 5 seconds of resistance free-spinning, blending speed lowers to around 15% capacity and ensures power-saving, and manual speed control appears.

If large chunks are stuck in the blender or there is an air gap - stop the blending cycle, remove the blending cup from the base and shake the cup. If the ingredients still get stuck while blending, stop the blending cycle, remove the blending cup from the base, open it, and scrape the mixture from the sides of the cup. Alternatively, make sure that there are no ingredients stuck in the blending cup, remove the tool used for scraping, close the blending lid, and start the blending process again.

The auto-refresh feature ensures that your smoothie is staying fresh while you are away.

It happens that some of us tend to put some food in preparation while running other errands around the house. For such cases, an auto-refresh feature, if enabled, keeps your smoothie fresh and smooth by stirring it up very shortly every minute.

In order to enable auto-refresh, please click on the Sidebar menu -> Settings and switch on Auto Refresh.




You as the buyer of millo products at the website have the right, without indicating a reason, within 14 (forteen) days to withdraw purchase and return the purchased product, provided the product has not been used, damaged, or substantially changed in appearance. The only exceptions permitted are any changes that have been made to the appearance of the product or its packaging which were necessary to inspect the item received.

The aforementioned cooling-off period expires 14 (fourteen) days after the day you have received the product.

You must exercise this right responsibly and return the item in its original, neat packaging as well as return all parts, documentation, and accessories included in the package. Any item that is not in the same condition as it was shipped will not be accepted as a return.

How to cancel a purchase

  • You must inform millo that you want to cancel the purchase. It is not sufficient to simply send the purchased products back to us. Thus, we would kindly ask you to send an inquiry to the e-mail address Please then wait until you have received a return number before returning the item. Please pack the product carefully and enclose the return number(s) given to you before shipping the product back to us.
  • Only products with a return number will be accepted. Also, the serial numbers on the products must still be in place. If these conditions are not met, the return shall be considered void and we shall not take any action under the provided warranty.
  • You must send the returned products back to us within 14 (fourteen) days of informing us of the canceled purchase. We would prefer you to use UPS services when returning the products to us.

Getting a refund

  • millo will give you a refund within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving a withdrawal request. We reserve the right to delay refund in the event that we have not received the returned product and, therefore, have had no chance to inspect it.
  • Your refund will include any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. However, millo may charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard delivery (such as express delivery). Also, shipping costs will not be refunded if only a part of the purchased products is returned.

millo products come with a warranty of 2 (two) years. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the product in question. The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase. 

If the purchased millo product is not working properly, you should first visit our support at to ensure that you are following the user guide for millo products.  

If the defect can not be fixed by visiting, you can return the defective item to the store, local dealer, or a partner that sold the defective product to you. Alternatively, or in cases where the product was purchased online, you can request a return by sending an email to We will then send you a return number and our customer service will arrange a free-of-charge UPS pick-up of the defective product. You are kindly asked to pack the product carefully and enclose the return number(s) given to you. Under no circumstances should you return your blender before you have received your return number.  

After millo has received and checked the product, all repairs or replacements will be performed as standard. We will firstly offer a repair solution. If we are unable to repair your item within a reasonable period, we will exchange the product with a replacement that matches the exact specifications of the model that was purchased. If no equivalent product is available, we will offer a reduction of the paid price or a full refund. In any case, we will endeavor to offer you the best solution possible. 

Only products with a return number will be accepted. Also, the serial numbers on the products must be in place. Otherwise, the return shall be considered void and we shall not take any action under the provided warranty. 


  • All warranties do not apply to products that have been stored or assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning products. All warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. All warranties do not apply if products have been placed outdoors or in a humid environment or if the products have been used for non-domestic purposes (unless it is authorized under the specifications of the product). All warranties do not cover consequential or incidental damages.

Care instructions

  • To be eligible for the protections provided by this warranty you need to follow the specific care instructions specified in the user guide.

General legal rights

  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights. This warranty does not, in any way, affect any customer rights provided to you by law.

Other conditions

  • If a product is returned to millo without a valid reason or due to a defect arising from any one of the warranty exclusion circumstances described above, millo reserves the right to deny your request and return the product to you at your own cost and expense.
  • We bear all responsibility with respect to providing proof that the item was not defective for the first 6 (six) months after the delivery of the product ("reversal of the burden of proof"). After this time, you will bear the responsibility to provide proof that it was defective.


Do not dispose of the appliance alongside normal household waste when it has met the end of its operational life. It should be submitted to an official collection point for recycling. millo has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By handing the blender in to be sustainably disposed of, you would be helping us in our mission to promote healthier, more ecologically sustainable living.

Recycle your millo box following the instructions provided: